Our changing world

What a year this has been! The Referendum in the UK on EU membership will create significant change, it would appear at the moment, for an indefinite period.

The Presidential Election in the USA resulted in the election of a candidate who had not previously held any political office.

In France, to the surprise of many, a young man who had set up his political party less than a year earlier, rose to power and was elected as President.  Other elections are pending.

More recently, and returning to the UK, the incumbent political party, confident of a landslide victory called a snap election, but the result ended up with them not having an outright majority.

The implication of these changes has inevitably resulted in uncertainty and anxiety for many people.

Given the size and nature of all this change, both at home and abroad, it is inevitable that so many  people, including the parents of young children, are anxious about the future. They are concerned about how decisions being taken now will affect them and wonder about changes that are being made.

So where do our very young children fit in to this new world? Does it matter to them who wins an election; whether their parents have voted ‘in’ or ‘out’ in the Referendum; or whether they voted for an untried leader?

No it doesn’t because their world is the here and now. The needs of young children haven’t changed. They want what the very young have always needed – love and security. They want and need to have constancy in their lives, with trusted adults with whom they experience a close and loving bond.

We may not be able to influence major world changing decisions but we can fight for our very young children to ensure that their never-changing needs are met in this ever-changing world. Meeting their needs now will give them the best start in life as they grow up in this ever-changing world.