Don’t be one of the silent majority. Speak out about the emotional neglect of children?

It seems to me that the subject of very young children has been written about in newspapers and magazines more often than ever before in the last few months and years.

Sometimes the stories have made me smile but mostly I am appalled at what I read. So many articles are about situations that could have been avoided.

We have all heard of such situations and most of the time we feel helpless to do something about it.

Recently at a meeting with five very experienced early years professionals each one of us had an experience of situations involving children under three, and with all the facts before us, we could not understand how these bad experiences had been allowed to happen to children.

Is it to do with lack of funding and lack of understanding by the powers that be or is it due to postcode lottery and inaccurate reporting by the media?

We know how important the first few years of a child’s life are and with so much real solid proof that this is the case, it is time that children really are our priority.

Our future society depends on it.

So it is time to stop pussyfooting around and to come together to demand ACTION.

My MP is going to hear from me soon – stop being the silent majority and join with me, arrange to talk with your MP about the importance of children…….. Watch this space!